Monday, December 15, 2014

On spirituality and overcoming fears

Off late, spirituality has found a way in my life. And for me, it’s an inward journey more than anything else. It started with asking myself questions and digging deep within to find the answers.

Though this journey is not as difficult as it sounds, it does take time and energy to accept your flaws in the first place, and then begin the digging. But yes, first step is always the most difficult.

Thanks to this journey and all this self digging, I’ve been actively trying to find answers to my biggest fears. I am insanely scared of height. And water.

I have no idea where these fears come from. And I don’t know how to let them go. The only thing I know is that I won’t simply accept and ‘live’ with these fears. I want to overcome them. Primarily, because they don’t make any sense, and also because they are an unnecessary hurdle to a world of adventures waiting for me.

And just as sneakily I inched my way towards the world of spiritually, I sneakily inched towards overcoming these fears. But not without the help of some beautiful individuals.

A couple of days ago, I chanced upon Breakfree Journey’s weekend plans of watching the Germinid Meteor Shower at a tucked away village called Jawhar. An exciting itinerary – including exploring lakes, a fort, a secret waterfall and interacting with the locals, made things even more interesting. So my bestie and I were all up and ready. The meteor shower experience deserves a whole post to itself but what was really unexpected was the adventure at the waterfall.

We were told beforehand that it will not be an easy ride. And had I known how bumpy it would be, I would have thought not twice but 200 times before going ahead. Steep descent, loose pebbles and this overpowering phobia, made things so bad for me that I was shivering with fear all throughout. I really was shitting bricks, and to be honest, I almost gave up. Almost.

But I didn’t. And yes, I did have help. Thank you, Rushikesh. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me. Really, thanks a bunch.


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Rushikesh Kulkarni said...

Hey S, firstly thanks for coming along on the trip! It was great having you both over. And you are most welcome, what is the point of travel if you don't try something new? and something that you'd never do otherwise? We look forward to travelling with you again!